Wellwords Studio
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Holistic + Copy

Holistic copywriting integrates every aspect of your business model & mission, speaking directly to the heart of your audience.

The Holistic Approach

The Holistic Approach includes three pillars: Holistic, High Quality and Heartfelt. When my Holistic Approach is applied to your business, you earn your customers’ trust while building the most ethically profitable business possible. I care about your entire sales funnel. Click here to find out more.


Content Creation

Highlight the subjects that are most important to your business.


Email Newsletters

Keep all your clients up-to-date on your new and exciting projects.


Funnel Copywriting

Align your customer’s needs with your own.




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I’m Natalya, founder of Wellwords Studio!

I founded Wellwords Studio to support health & wellness entrepreneurs on their path to creating the most authentic and abundant businesses possible.

We all want to live well, to lead joyful and fulfilling lives. In my life and in my community a need for a holistic approach to health became clear to me. At Wellwords we’re inspired by anything that enhances the mind-body-soul connection. We merge holistic lifestyles & wellness writing.

If you’re a wellness entrepreneur and you want to build an authentic and profitable business, you’re going to need a reliable copywriter.

I’m here to support you every step of the way!