About Wellwords studio

Wellwords Studio lives at the intersection of nutritional food, mindful exercise, intuitive self-care and meaningful relationships. We add powerful copywriting on top of that, to make sure that health and wellness businesses earn the money they deserve.

The studio provides copy and content writing services to health coaches, businesses, and wellness entrepreneurs. I work with businesses & health professionals like you - who truly wish to make a difference and who want to create positive and lasting changes for your clients and turn them into passionate fans who purchase everything you create.

I named my business Wellwords Studio because it’s the sacred space that I work in - I’m not just a copywriter, I’m also a creative. Which means that you will receive the most impeccable writing uniquely tailored to your business.

Wellwords Studio is not only about copywriting.

It’s about elevating your entire business and making sure you serve your customers exactly how they want to be served.


Holistic: At our first meeting I find out everything about your business model, business vision, your customers and you. I take all of these parts and make them the backbone of the copy, as appropriate.

High Quality: Each piece is highly researched and includes a list of reference links. Your content will have impeccable grammar, SEO and will speak directly to your target audience.

Heartfelt: Your customers and clients will be triggered. They will feel a need to work with you, buy from you and use your products. When copy is driven by passion, it makes a tangible difference in your business and ultimately your customers’ lives.

About Me


I lived on three continents by the age of five, until finally landing in Olympia, Washington. The mountains, mysterious forests and endless ocean set the backdrop for my childhood. Although the Pacific Northwest was a gorgeous place to grow up, I traveled in search of a new place that I could call home until finally settling my restless soul in Berlin, Germany. To say that travelling has influenced who I am would be an understatement; the perspective it has given me and the ability to adapt have formed the best parts of me.

I was put on the path of health in my teenage years when I tore both of my ACLs, just two years apart. My life was abruptly turned upside down as I was forced to stop playing soccer, the game that I had dedicated my life towards. The physical and mental challenges I faced while recovering from these surgeries encouraged me to experiment with countless therapies, physical activities, styles of eating, and wellness habits - all in an effort to heal my body and return to a normal active lifestyle.

During my years at The Evergreen State College, I studied creative writing, psychology and visual arts. After graduating, I worked in a sculpture studio for two years, but in my free time I found myself either reading, writing articles, or working on my book project. Upon realizing that my passion lies in between writing and living a vibrant life, I founded Wellwords Studio to build a bridge and connect the two.

My days are usually made up of practicing yoga, stealing kisses from other people’s dogs, attending writing events and experimenting in the kitchen with delicious & surprising flavors.

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